The time to act is now

Published: August 11 2015

Sometimes some things are just confusing and mind-boggling. Take biomass boilers for one. Generally, the mass public have been educated and educating themselves on ‘biomass’ but you’ll be surprised by the amount of questions we get when we attend shows mainly ones asking: “Biomass? What’s that then?”

You do feel like sitting them down and starting from point zero, and sometimes we do but generally we do find that some people are not as receptive to a new way of doing things if the way it’s always been done is working perfectly fine. If ain’t broken, don’t fix it.

But why shouldn’t we ‘fix it’? Especially if fixing it means saving money for years to come, making money with attractive government incentives and helping reduce carbon emissions to ensure a better future for all. Now, one of these has got to be enough reason to change how we do things surely.

We wish we could convince everyone to switch immediately as not only will it dramatically help our goal towards reducing the UK’s carbon emissions, but also that the longer you wait and think about it, the lower the government incentives get. The official body, Ofgem, reviews these incentives approximately every three months and the most recent ones were published on July 1, 2015. Yes, you’re right. This means you only have until the September to get on board if you want to secure your project at the current rate.

Give us a call and we’ll unscramble the confusion that is biomass and biomass boilers, talk you through your project, do a free survey, offer you the most competitive price on the market, stand by your side throughout and certainly long after we’ve installed your brand new money-making machine. Did I say that out loud? I really meant biomass boiler. You really couldn’t ask for a better partner to look after you and your needs.

We keep seeing people kicking themselves for acting a little too late and hence we will keep saying it – the time to act really is NOW! It sounds clichéd although it’s anything but.