Are you going wild this June?

Published: June 11 2015

That’s right Wye Valley Energy is doing something wild every day in June. Now let’s make it clear; wild as in The Wildlife Trust. You see, The Wildlife Trust has issued a challenge to see how many people can do something wild every day for a month and they have aptly named it 30 Days Wild. These wild events can include sketches, pictures of wild places you’ve been, building hedgehog shelters, putting up birdfeeders, etc. All you have to do is get out in nature, capture it in a photograph and post it to your Facebook or Twitter.


So far we’ve played with a curious butterfly, walked down a lovely stream, drawn a picture from our garden, and gone on a few walks. Over the next few days we plan to have a wild cocktail, restore a wild place, relax in the wilderness, and create some homes for animals. If you watch our Twitter and Facebook pages you can follow our 30 DaysWild challenge and add a few pictures of your own.


So what you waiting for? Get out there and go wild!