A visitor comes knocking

Published: January 26 2015

If you have been reading our articles or following us on Facebook and Twitter I’m sure you’ve noticed that we always invite you to come and see our working biomass boilers at the office. I’m sure generic invitations such as these are usually just skimmed over and no one ever really takes them seriously.

Well, butter my fingers and call me a biscuit, we actually had ourselves a visitor! They weren’t just any ol’ visitors coming for a good ol’ snoop around but they were potential clients from the area and have been considering an Effecta Lambda log burner. They were unsure of how biomass actually worked and whether the costs actually stacked up; as an investment to be made over time.

Andy Brick, our sales representative, ran some heat calculations for them and went over details including the location of the plant room, the dimensions it would need to be, and most importantly the costs. Like most people we talk to, they were concerned whether the up-front cost of installing a boiler would be reimbursed through their RHI payments.

Andy then went on to explain in depth how RHI works and just how the costs stacked up against their current heating system. Having shown them the boiler room, we described the workings of the boilers. This was an eye opener for them as they had heard of various opinions about biomass and what it can actually do, but to get it all cleared up once and for all made a world of difference to them.

We couldn’t think of a better way to end our discussions that day than a lovely cuppa while we chatted and laughed about our holidays.

We love to have visitors and we love to discuss biomass, so to have both happen in one day was like Christmas had come early at Wye Valley Energy! So if you would like to see how a biomass boiler works, please give us a call and we will be more than happy to arrange a viewing.