Good Education

Published: February 24 2015

We were the proud hosts to visitors from across the UK at our Lindner and Sommerauer training session yesterday that was conducted by Richard Collins and Ashley Stokes in conjunction with our partner, Rainbow Heat and Power from Tiverton.


From Inverness to Devon, 15 installers made the journey to learn more about why Lindner and Sommerauer boilers are one of the best sold on the biomass market today. Some of the attendees had to hit the road at 4am just to make it in time for the training session! If that doesn’t show dedication I don’t know what does; it would take nothing short of a natural disaster to get me out of bed at that time – also known as ‘in the middle of the night’ in my books.


Training included a PowerPoint presentation compiled by Rainbow, site visits to our local installations, practical training and, most importantly lunch, puddings and all the coffee they could drink. It would have been cruel to not offer caffeine to those who have been up since 4.


Unfortunately, the attendees did not get to use our new boardroom as it’s still in need of a lick of paint, a job that I believe is going to fall on the administrative branch of Wye Valley i.e., yours truly. Despite having to use the old boardroom, we sincerely hope that everyone who attended had a fun and valuable educational time with us.


Even if you’re not an installer but want to learn more about biomass, we would be happy to talk to you – just give us a call.