Where Do I Get ​Good Quality Fuel for Trouble-Free Biomass Boilers?

In order to run your boiler at its optimum capacity, we recommend that you use the higest quality fuel for your boiler. So we’ve organised this section to give you a run-down of what to use and where to get hold of it.

Biomass Suppliers List (BSL)

This is our recommended source for a comprehensive list of fuel suppliers, both in the Wye Valley and across the UK. Visit the Biomass Suppliers LIst (BSL) to explore your options.

From Spring 2015 all biomass fuel used by households, businesses and other organisations claiming the RHI must meet a lifecycle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions target of 60 per cent GHG savings against the EU fossil fuel average, and land criteria, which for woodfuel are set out in the UK Timber Standard for Heat and Electricity.

On this site, Producers and Traders authorised fuels, as well as Self-Suppliers, of woody biomass can apply to register their fuels as meeting that criterion. Once fully authorised, Traders' fuels will be listed on a public register (which will be made available once a sufficient number of traders have registered their fuels).

  • Logs

    You can expect a calorific value of approximately 4.1 kWh per kilogram from logs. This will depend on how dry the wood is and the type of wood you’re using. As a guideline, for a batch-burning boiler such as the Guntamatic BMK or the Effecta Lambda, we recommend logs

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  • Wood Chips

    For boilers like the Guntamatic Powerchip or the Lindner & Sommerauer SL30-150kW and SL199- 250kW it’s our recommendation to use G30 and G50 wood chips. This means chips that have an average size of 30mm, plus a maximum of 30% moisture content. Wood chip dryness is

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  • Wood Pellets

    These are made from compressed sawdust that is usually considered waste from sawmills. Hence the name, they’re shaped like pellets and have a shiny finish due to the natural glues usually found in sawdust.  In order to work in the Effecta Komplett III, The Guntamatic Biostar, Biocom

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  • Miscanthus

    Also known as ‘elephant grass’, Miscanthus is a perennial grass which grows and spreads quickly, even on land of poor quality. It’s so easy to cultivate and requires little to no intervention. This is why it’s such a popular option for biofuel.  It

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  • Grain

    Low in nitrogen content and convenient to boot, pourable grains such as oats, wheats and barley are a popular choice for biomass boilers. Grains can be used in models such as the Guntamatic Powerchip and Powercorn boilers.  Because of the different types, the calorific value of grain varies. As

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  • Biomass Suppliers List (BSL)

    In an effort to make sure that biomass fuel is sustainable the UK Government has issued new sustainability criteria for the Renewable Heat Incentive. This new criteria will affect both domestic and commercial RHI participants and the new regulations are to come into effect as of spring 2015. These changes are

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