Biomass Suppliers List (BSL)

In an effort to make sure that biomass fuel is sustainable the UK Government has issued new sustainability criteria for the Renewable Heat Incentive. This new criteria will affect both domestic and commercial RHI participants and the new regulations are to come into effect as of spring 2015.

These changes are simply to ensure that wood sourced for the purpose of biomass fuel is sustainably sourced. The new biomass fuel sustainability will have two criteria: GHG emissions and land criteria.


GHG emissions, or greenhouse gas emissions must not exceed a target of 34.8g CO2 equivalent per MJ of heat, or 60% GHG savings against the EU fossil fuel average. (Source: Department of Energy & Climate Change).

The land criteria is based on the existing UK Government Timber Procurement Policy. According to the policy all wood fuel will have to be certified as having met both of the above criteria in order for the fuel to be considered sustainable and therefore qualify for RHI. Certification is achieved through either the Forest Stewardship Council or the Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification and registered with the Biomass Suppliers List.

Commercial RHI

Participants who fall under the commercial RHI payments will have two options available for their woodfuel.

Option A is sourcing woodfuel from the Biomass Suppliers List. The BSL is comprised of producers and traders of authorised fuels as well as self-suppliers of fuel for biomass boilers.

If a participant decides to use option A, certification is validated through accreditation of the fuel supplier into the Biomass Suppliers List. This ensures that the certificate has been issued to the company who is selling the fuel and covers the products being sold.

Option B is for those whose suppliers are not registers with the BSL. However, they can prove their woodfuel meets the eligibility requirements set forth under the Timber Procurement Policy. Under this option you must make quarterly declarations that the fuel you have used meets the criteria, and OFGEM will conduct annual audits.

Domestic RHI

For Domestic RHI participants there is only one option available: all wood fuel suppliers must be registered on the BSL. It is recommended that you keep a record of your supplier and delivery for five years. In addition, OFGEM will make annual declarations that your wood fuel has been sourced sustainably from a BSL approved provider, or as with commercial RHI you can become a self- supplier.


If you are lucky enough to have resources to self-supply you need to register this on the Biomass Suppliers List. This means that you register yourself on the BSL in order to make quarterly declarations, and use your own wood fuel source. However, participants with a heat capacity of 1MW or above do not qualify for self-supply.

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