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Domestic RHI Calculator

Welcome to the Wye Valley Energy's domestic RHI calculator: an easy-to-use spreadsheet that we’ve created so that you can input your costs and work out your potential commercial RHI payments, fuel savings and the expected payback on your investment. You’ll receive figures on an annual basis and as a total over the seven-year duration of the scheme.

To use Wye Valley’s domestic RHI calculator....

1. Enter the house’s heat load requirements (as specified in your EPC) in kW.

2. Enter the total installed cost of the project.*

3. Choose the fossil fuel currently used.

4. Choose the biomass fuel type.

5. View summary of results which indicate carbon savings, net project cashflow, discounted cashflow and the payback period of the project.

6. Review your results and change variables such as the cost of biomass fuel or the cost of borrowing.

*If you don’t know the total cost of your biomass boiler system, please contact us and we will be pleased to help.