About Guntamatic

Guntamatic have been making biomass boilers and all of their own components for over 50 years and Treco are the sole UK distributor.

Guntamatic History

50 Years in the Making

Guntamatic has been blazing a trail for the renewable energy industry for the past 50 years. With around 15,000 boilers already installed, 80% of their products in export and 120 sales and service centres across 17 countries, it’s safe to say that Guntamatic are true experts when it comes to biomass boilers.

Looks and Performance

Over the years, the company has invested hugely in research and development to ensure that their boilers are among the most efficient on the market. Looking sleek and boasting fantastic performance, Guntamatic boilers are fully automated, modular and ready to plumb on delivery.


Advanced, in-house manufacturing of components takes place in Peuerbach, Austria. This allows Guntamatic to guarantee that parts will be available for 20 years, meaning their systems will retain their efficiency over a significant number of of years. Something very few other manufacturers are able to rival.

Looking After Everyone

Employing around 200 people, Guntamatic ensures that each and every member of staff gives careful attention to detail and follows a rigorous quality management system. This plays a huge part in the company’s continued success.

Timeline of Key Dates in Guntamatic's Development

The 1960's - Engineers and Boilermakers by Conviction

Founded in 1962

Upon acquiring an old iron foundry in Peuerbach, Georg Fischer of Günzburg works with Dominikus Kreher to get the building up to scratch. When it’s finished, Kreher will stay on on as director until 1988.

1963 - Word Games

Georg sets up the business with his brother, Eugen, and by September 1963, they have produced their first solid fuel and oil boiler. Several names are toyed with (including Gunomatic and Guntimatic) before they decide on Guntamatic..


While oil and gas are booming, technical manager Siegfried Hellmayr creates a solid fuel boiler: the GA-S log boiler. This is the first log gasifier with low-down combustion and two-stage secondary air combustion. It’s a serious market-changer and sets early standards for the company’s biomass systems. More than 70,000 units are sold.

Siegfried Hellmayr says: "It was a flash of inspiration. I worked with common sense and at that time I noticed this gap in the market"


Guntamatic installs a prototype of the GA-S log boiler for the Haslinger family known as Stockmaier in St Willibald, and this is to be a long-term influence on the company.

The 1970s – Agricultural Influences

Down to Earth

The farming industry runs deep in the genes of Guntamatic, which is what keeps them at the forefront of their industry. With countless employees having strong agricultural backgrounds and involvement, this experience is evident in everything the company produces. In the early 1970s, this expertise leads them to outgrow their buildings and build a new manufacturing hall in 1973.

High Flyers

The GA-S was the first log boiler with low down combustion and two-stage secondary air combustion. it revolutionised the market and paved the way for the Guntamatic biomass boiler range. More than 70,000 units were sold.


Updates and refinements to the company’s innovative log boilers are made, and Guntamatic attends its very first trade shows.

The 1980s – Series Production


Demand continues to rise, so Guntamatic has to invest in a new prefabrication building. This added space gives them the chance to optimise their production and increase viability. From an early stage, Guntamatic have been firm in the belief that they should automate their own site, rather than using cheaper options abroad. This has created fantastic local employment opportunities and ensured fantastic quality control.


They work for the locality and not for the money. For this reason Guntamatic deliberately opted at an early stage to automate their own site rather than using cheap production abroad.

The result: local jobs and inimitable Guntamatic quality.


After the success of their first series-produced biomass boiler models, Guntamatic further expanded their sales network, beginning with the Austrian market. Guntamatic produces between 2,000 and 3,000 wood heating systems per year.


Guntamatic develops their first combustion system using wood chips and their name starts to spread, with the company’s branding appearing more and more in public.


The first log boiler with induced draught fan technology is launched to the market.

The 1990s – Biomass Gains Momentum


The idea of renewable heating starts to gain momentum in the light of rising fossil fuel prices. Guntamatic starts to focus even more on applying itself systematically to the use of biomass, leading the rest of the industry by example.


Guntamatic were one of the first companies in the industry to apply themselves systematically to the use of biomass.

New wood gasification heating systems with vast hoppers, very high combustion temperatures and large buffer cylinders hugely increase combustion quality, making them perfect for farmers and rural businesses.

A New Generation

After being director for many years, Günther Huemer moves into the position of Managing Director. He works on growth plans for the company, combining expert employees, new generation know-how and significant investment in innovation, systems and quality control.


An important moment in biomass heating, wood pellets become available as a heating fuel, allowing Guntamatic to further develop the BIOSTAR model: the first ever low-temperature wood pellet boiler. This model is launched at trade shows later in the year and remains one of Guntamatic’s bestsellers. 

The 2000s – Forging Innovation

A Leap Ahead

Using their footing as rock-solid boilermakers, Guntamatic continue to establish themselves as true innovators in the market. High turnovers and increased employees further confirm their position as one of Austria’s leading companies.


With new design, improved marketing and a bigger sales network, the company starts to position itself locally and internationally as leading biomass heating system specialists. And all the while, a commitment to safety, fairness and employee satisfaction remains at the core of the business.


The POWERCORN is presented: an innovative system that uses grain for fuel. Using excess crop and low-cost grain presents significant potential savings for rural users in particular.


Launch of the POWERCHIP, capable of burning wood chips, pellets and even miscanthus for a multi-fuel system that offers total versatility.


The 5-10kW THERM. is developed: the world’s first ever wall-mounted wood pellet boiler. With its patented rotary combustion chamber, compact size and minimal weight, the THERM is highly efficient and mountable almost anywhere.

The 2010s – Making the World a Better Place

Now entirely self-financed and enjoying 100% equity, Guntamatic is up there with Austria’s most successful companies. Through the decades, they’ve never lost sight of their values and ethos: good for customers, partners and employees.


The company’s range is now extremely versatile, ranging from 5kW compact systems to industrial woodchip plants with outputs up to 1MW.

High Quality

These high efficiency systems are suitable for various renewable raw materials as fuel. Automated production, highly qualified employees and the best quality materials and components are reliable assurance of high quality standards and outstanding price/performance ratio, 35 years spare parts availability.


Launch of the BMK, one of the market’s only modulating log boilers.


Time to celebrate! Guntamatic is 50 years old and to honour the occasion, they launch the PRO industrial biomass boiler with heat outputs of 175-1,000kW.


Work has nearly been completed on Guntamatic’s brand new production facilities, adding 10,000m² to their existing 15,000m² space.