About Lindner & Sommerauer

Establishment 1991

Lindner & Sommerauer was founded in 1991 by Hermann Lindner and Christian Sommerauer to manufacture biomass boilers. They are based in Upper Austria, the European centre of excellence for wood heating systems, and are one of Europe’s leading biomass boiler manufacturers.

They run the company under a firm ethos of creating environmentally friendly technology that works in harmony with nature. The result is high-efficiency biomass boilers built by dedicated and committed experts. Lindner & Sommerauer's expertise in the field of combustion and plant technology put them in the perfect position to develop robust and continually reliable systems built to an extremely high technical standard.

Technical Excellence

Over twenty years’ experience has enabled Lindner & Sommerauer to develop some of the most advanced wood chip and wood pellet biomass boiler heating systems on the market.

All Lindner and Sommerauer biomass boilers are fitted with an electronic touch screen control panel. This gives the boiler’s user access to vital performance information and puts them in control of all key functions such as timers, thermostats, heat outputs and boiler efficiencies.


Rainbow Heat and Power are awarded the exclusive UK distribution for Lindner & Sommerauer biomass boilers. After extensive testing of the boilers and thorough installer training, Rainbow Heart and Power began installing the Lindner & Sommerauer range in the UK during the 2013 heating season.

There are already thousands Lindner & Sommerauer systems heating homes and businesses in Europe, some closer to home which you can see on our case studies page. If you would like to see an operational one for yourself, get in touch.


In March, Lindner & Summer accept a prestiguous and highly sought-after Austrian award for Innovations in the field of biomass heating. Andrae Rupprechester, Austrian Environment Minister is pictured above left, Hermann Lindner, is pictured above right and Christian Sommerauer is pictured middle above accepting their award in March this year.

During Spring 2014, the establishment of Wye Valley Energy began and the partnership with Rainbow Heat and Power was set up. Wye Valley Energy will act as local installation partners for Rainbow Heat and Power and for Lindner & Sommerauer.

A 50kW Lindner & Sommerauer SL series wood chip boiler was installed and commissioned into Wye Valley Energy's HQ at Humber Court Farm.

Please contact us to view this hard-working system which is run on wood sourced from the farm's woodland.