Komplett III Wood Pellet Boilers

This superb range of wood pellet boilers is perfect for domestic applications

Effecta: Komplett III Wood Pellet Boilers

Offering outputs of 20, 25 and 35kW, this superb range of wood pellet boilers is perfect for domestic applications. The full version of the Komplett III can be installed without an accumulator tank as it has a built-in hot water tank for instant hot water, ideal for space-saving solutions. 

The Komplett III also features an innovative automatic shunt control system with weather compensation. With a back-up heater and front-mounted graphic touch screen control panel, this boiler offers you the full package. 

Komplett day feeder for wood pellets

Key Features

  • 20, 25 or 35kW heat outputs.
  • Long cleaning intervals.
  • Built in hot water production.
  • No accumulator tank required.
  • Built in heating and pump controls.
  • Weather compensated (optional light).
  • Automatic self-cleaning of burner with Aero technology.
  • Automatic self-cleaning of boiler.
  • Built in electrical heater (not on light model).
  • Scandinavian design.

Full Komplett III - No Need for Accumulator Tank

As standard, the full version of the Komplett has a built-in coil for instantaneous domestic hot water. This means it can be fitted to work at their higest efficiency without the need for an accumulator tank. This makes the Komplett III ideal for domestic Renewable Heat Incentive applications.

A cut away of the Komplett iii biomass boiler

Komplett III also features an automatic shunt control system with weather compensation. The Komplett III also has an electric back-up heater and a front mounted, intuitive graphic touch screen controller.

The ‘Light’

Featuring all of the main benefits of the full version, the Komplett III Light is built without the built-in hot water water and mounted shunt valve. This makes it the ideal model for feeding an accumulator tank or retrofitting to an S-plan system. 

The Microgeneration Certification Scheme


Effecta boilers are all carefully designed to be simple to use and most models feature self-cleaning elements to reduce the need for maintenance. All boilers under 45kW in this range are MCS accredited and naturally meet all European standards, making them suitable for RHI applications. 

Defra approved, RHI Eclist, HETAS approved and made in Sweden

Reduced Emissions

In order to achieve MCS accreditation, the Komplett III has been designed to have emissions significantly lower than the required limit of 30g/Gj particulates (PM) and 150g/Gj of nitrogen oxide (NOx).

Meeting (and beating) these standards means that the Komplett III is perfect for commercial or domestic RHI projects. 

Boiler PM NOx
Maximum Emissions 30 g/GJ 150 g/GJ
Effecta Komplett III Range 7 g/GJ 99 g/GJ


Your Komplett III is designed for minimum maintenance, with all convective air channels and combustion parts being self-cleaning. You’ll only need to have your boiler cleaned and serviced every 15-25,000kWh, which should only be once a year in domestic application. 

Komplett iii cut-away illustration


The Komplett III features a lambda sensor in the flue’s gas channel, so your boiler intuitively knows how its combustion is running. 

Lambda sensor

The Komplett III is fitted with a touch screen control panel that couldn’t be easier to use. You can analyse your boiler’s performance and use the weekly calendar function to set heating schemes according to your home’s needs. 

Komplett iii touch screen control panel


For total ease, your Komplett III is delivered with all required casings and electrical wiring so that installation is as quick and simple as possible. The shunt control in the full version comes with an indoor and/or outdoor sensor to allow the boiler to respond to the weather.

Wood pellet fuel

Wood Pellet Fuel

Given its convenience and effectiveness, it’s little wonder that wood pellets are the fastest-growing energy source across Europe. Choose a Komplett III boiler and you’ll enjoy all the benefits of renewable energy, including reduced emissions, reduced fuel bills and RHI incentive payments. 

Choosing the right equipment is the key to ensuring your journey into biomass energy is as smooth as possible

System drawings of the Komplett iii biomass boiler

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Technical Specifications

Heat Output kW 20, 25, 35
Height mm 1,370
Depth Incl Smoke Outlet mm 975
Width (incl burner) mm 700 (1,010)
Weight (excl burner) kg 295 (250)
Max Working Pressure bar 3
Diameter of Elbow mm 120
Smoke Outlet mm 150 x 150
Floor to Centre Smoke Pipe mm 1,250
Boiler Volume (light) Litres 1,283 (99)
Docking connections Inch 1
Max Working Temperature oC 100
Minimum Flue Area mm 125/ 125/ 150
Depth of Grate mm 500
Volume of Ash Compartment Litres 117
Electriical Power Feed VAC 230/ 380
Recommended Draft hPa 15
Connection DHW (not on light model) mm 22
Efficiency % Above 90
Connection to Radiators (not on light model) mm 22
Electrical Heater (not on light model) kW 3 + 6


Wood Pellets

What are wood pellets?

Wood pellets are made from compacted sawdust or any other waste produced from sawmills and other manufacturers.

What is the calorific value of wood pellets?

It’s 4.8kWh per kg, meaning you only need one third of the storage space that you would need for chips. Plus you get three times as much heat.

  • Wood Chips = 250KG/m3
  • Wood Pellets = 650KG/m3
How much do I need, compared to oil?

1 litre of oil is equivalent to 2kg of wood pellets.

What is the cost of wood pellets?

You can expect to pay between £180 - £220 per tonne.

Where is the nearest supplier of wood pellets?

We always recommend using the fantastic Biomass Suppliers’ List (BSL) for a comprehensive list of high quality suppliers across the UK.

Can I use any kind of pellets?

The pellets will need to be ENPlus A1 or A2. These are 10-12mm long and 6mm in diameter. Your wood pellets need to be dry, clean, mechanically robust and possess an ash content defined by appropriate standards. They need to be able to flow freely and delivered via a pneumatic system. Check out this handbook from HETAS for more information about wood pellets.